1. Data collection and uses of the data
The McKap plug-in is published by animation studio Animanistan doo (“Animanistan”, “we”).
Animanistan receives end user personal data through Autodesk App Store Instant Payment Notification (IPN) message service.
End user personal data that we receive and store are:
– end user email address
– end user country of residence
McKap plug-in collects the machine ID number on which it is installed. We store the machine ID number in order to create the activation code for that machine.
Animanistan will use the end user email address to send the activation code.
2. Data sharing
Animanistan does not share end user data with any third party.
3. Data retention and deletion policies
Animanistan processes end user personal data only with end user consent, which
he/she can revoke at any time.
If Animanistan processes inaccurate or incomplete personal data, end user has the right to rectification
or completion of such data.
End user may also request Animanistan to erase data if personal data are no longer necessary in relation
to the purposes for which they were collected; if end user withdraw its consent (where consent is the
legal basis for processing); if end user objects to the processing where a legitimate interest is the legal
basis for processing and there is no other legal basis for processing that prevails over end user legitimate
interest, right or freedom; if end user personal data have been unlawfully processed; or if end user
personal data must be erased in order to fulfill Animanistan’s legal obligations.
End user may request Animanistan to limit the processing of its personal data if it is unclear whether
personal data are inaccurate, incomplete, or unlawfully processed, until this issue has been resolved or
if Animanistan no longer need the personal data for the purposes of the.
End user has the right to object to the processing of its personal data. If end user exercise its right to
object, it is necessary to give the reasons for doing so. These rights complement each other; end user
can therefore request us only to either rectify or complete, or erase its data.
4. Revoke consent and/or request deletion of data
End user can address all inquiries in connection with the processing of its personal data or request for
deletion of the personal data to the following email address:
If end user considers that Animanistan is unlawfully using its data, end user may lodge a complaint with
the Serbian Commissioner.