DEJIMA by 1>10 | Exhibition

McKap / DEJIMA by 1>10 | Exhibition

Creating the choreography for the several characters based on motion capture recordings.


We partnered up with Juice – a main CG studio for the project, to produce stories with an immersive 360 effect dedicated for each room. We took care of the whole humanoid character animation, creating the choreography for the several profiles based on motion capture recordings provided by Juice.

The combination of mixed realities and innovative Unreal Engine technology creates an immersive journey through the extraordinary Japanese culture. Exploring 7 rooms with full-scale projection mapping, where each presents a new chapter of the story. In total – 90 minutes of breathtaking visual and audio narration – a unique experience at Haneda Innovation City.




Our main challenge was to join and blend separately recorded dance movements into a single choreography that will respond to the requirements – duration, movement from one room to another, etc.

With McKap rig the challenge was faster to overcome. Transitions and additional movements between the recorded dance moves were smoothly connected with keyframe animation thanks to the tool’s rig controls.


There was an immense time pressure for the animation after the mocap session where it was necessary to spin short clips of mocap into long animations. However, we received the beautifully executed clean animations where it was impossible to tell where one mocap clip ended and another began. Needless to say, the client was very happy, and the exhibition is a great success. Without this really quick output we wouldn’t have managed!” – said Mayu Yamashita, producer in Juice.

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