Save money and time

Reduce the need for extra mocap sessions

Expand your scope of service

How about standard rig controls on your mocap character?

With McKap human rig controls you can easily edit mocap recordings and combine mocap with keyframe animation.

   McKap plug-in will enhance the process of 3D animation production for small and medium scale VFX studios and enable easier manipulation of motion capture data without increasing production costs.


Keep your complete motion capture workflow in Maya with McKap plug-in.


Create human IK/FK rig and connect your mocap data

With McKap plug-in you can create a rig, connect mocap data and edit mocap directly in a Maya scene.

Easily adjust mocap to match your character proportions

Mocap skeleton and your character have different body proportions? Move or animate controls to fix intersections and other issues.

Create variations out of one mocap recording

You downloaded a mocap walk that everyone uses? No problem, you can easily make it unique.

Create variations out of one mocap recording

Use IK controls to link hands to the hips.
Use FK controls to add movement or change position of the arms.

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Make that mocap work in your shot

Mocap recording session is finished but your character just wont fit perfectly in the shot?

Use controls to make adjusments in Maya scene and avoid reshooting.

Enhance your mocap recording with keyframe animation

Your mocap actors can’t fly?

Use controls to animate what ever you want and blend it with the mocap recording.